Dual ported printer dies

Well. it was bound to happen eventually, my old Epson CS 760 finally bit the dust, but replacing it may be more difficult than I originally thought. The diagram above shows the basic connections that allowed my Mac Mini (and prior to that an iMac) to print to the Epson CS 760 via the USB port. At the same time I was able to allow other Windows based computers to print to the same printer via the network via a Hawking Technology print server (PN7127P). So when the 760 died I thought I'd be safe buying another Epson printer as long as it had both, a USB and a parallel port. The Epson Stylus C88+ does, but so far I haven't had any luck getting it to work with my print server. It could be that I was taking advantage of an undocumented feature of the old printer. If anyone has any suggestions or can point me to a good webpage on the topic, I'd a appreciate it.

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Doug Curtis said...

Ok, I'm almost embarrassed as to how simple the solution was. When I checked the printer properties -> Ports -> Configure Port, the Protocol was set to Raw vs LPR (I was sure that during the config I had answered a question setting it to LPR, oh well, it pays to double check the settings). It's working now as it did before with the old printer.