BikeBlogs and Bicycle Design blogs

I ran across a couple of interesting sites while looking for two different things. First I wanted to find a site that aggregated bicycle related blogs, I found it, at BikeBlogs.com but the last posting was in 6/2006. I did some research (basic WHOIS lookup) and found a contact, the short answer from the site owner was that the site wasn't worth the time it took to maintain, so don't looks for any updates, unless things change.

The other site was related to a search for radical bicycles and the site I found is Bicycle Design. This site has some very interesting postings related to bike designs, give it a look if you're interesting in that type of thing.

I'm prep'ing for a century ride tomorrow morning. We want to get started as early as we can to try a beat the mid-day heat. Several members of our club, Spring City Spinners are riding to support our coalition partner club BVBC.

Safe riding all.

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