Field Testing the new Sunglasses

First off, as I've said before, all the items that I review I have purchased myself, so there's no paid promotion here.

Here's what shipped with my order:

The Julbo Speed/RACE glasses inventory

  • Julbo Speed Race glasses w/NXT + Photochromic (cat 2-4) + Anti-fog lenses
  • a hard case (nice surprise, I thought it was going to be a soft case/bag)
  • head-band strap
  • Owners manual
Not included, but ordered as a separate item
  • Optical clip for Rx lenses

I'm still waiting for my prescription to be fill into the optical clip (more bad news here, but I'll save that for another post), but my prescriptions isn't so strong that I can't do a little riding on the bike trail. So I tried out the new sunglasses this morning and I have to say they are great. The wrap around angle of these lenses and frames leave almost no gaps for stray light to leak in. They fit great, and I didn't need to use the strap that came with the glasses.

Photochromics: This is the best part in my mind, from the time I put them on till the brightest part of the ride, the light that reached my eyes always seemed consistent, in fact I'm really missing that with my regular glasses.

Tint: These glasses have an amber tint that helps enhance the view of the road or trail.

Ventilation: The edges of both the right and left lenses have a gap (see photo from my previous post) near the hinges to allow air to escape, so there's no moisture buildup between your eyes and the glasses.

Hard case: As I mentioned earlier, the glasses came with a "hard-case", really just rigid plastic. The inside front of the case, that makes contact with the lenses, is lined to protect the glasses. One other side benefit of this case is that is was large enough to fit into and be held tight in a water bottle cage. I used the case to bring my regular glasses with me on the ride and with some other stuff packed in my jersey I used my spare cage to hold the hard case.

Anti-fog: I headed out early this morning to purposely try out the Anti-Fog aspect of the glasses. I've gone out on some morning where I've had to stop to wipe my glasses off if the fog hadn't burned off yet. Today wasn't that bad, but I did have a little fog buildup on my rear view mirror, but I didn't see any on the glasses. I'll have to try this again to see just how fog resistant they can be.

Conclusion, I really like these glasses and once I get my Rx clip I'm sure I'll be able to see even better. I haven't found anything that I would complain about. The quality of the glasses seems to be very good. So overall I'd recommend these glasses to anyone looking for a good quality pair of sport glasses that can accept a Rx clip.

One note, the lenses aren't polarized, so if you want or need that as an option, you might look into the Julbo Nautic/Race version instead of the Speed/Race glasses.

Safe riding all.

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