Updating the Spinners website

Without a total redesign I've made the first change by incorporating CSS into the main menu, replacing the somewhat slow loading java applet menu code. You can compare the two, at least until I'm satisfied that there's no bugs in the new menu code.

Original: Spinners site with Java menu

New: Spinner site with CSS menu

I got the code for the CSS menus from http://e-lusion.com/design/menu/ which had several good examples of basic block menus. This worked well for my needs, as I didn't want to radically change the look/feel of the site. This allowed me to easily adapt the CSS menu into the existing website.

The next thing that I'm going to look into is the use of the ionCube loader to speed up the Spinners Event/Ride Calendar (PHP based), but this is going to require a change on the host server, which is shared. So this is going to be more difficult, since loading the ionCube loader is not under my control.

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Doug Curtis said...

I had such good responses from club members that the CSS menu is now the default.