Training trip coming up

I'll be going to California soon, for some training. I can't say that it won't be nice to get away from the cold weather that we have been having lately, but something always seems to happen back home while I'm gone. (and it usually costs me money). Here's an example: A little over two years ago I was at Solaris 10 training in San Jose and I got a call from home, something was wrong with the boiler of our hydronic heating system.

Specifically, it was the a broken spring on the interface between the motor and the pump that circulates the heated water. I knew what was wrong from the description, but I'm ~2000 miles away. So my wife has to call a repair service and what would have been an hour of my time and a $10 part turns into a ~$600.oo repair bill.

I'm almost over my head cold, so I've been back on my bike trainer. While I'm gone I'm going to take my bike to a local shop (http://transitioncycle.com) and have it cleaned up and checked out for the upcoming season.

Last thing, I've been working on updating my Instructables project related to the steadicam mount and I'm working on a new modification at the same time. One of the people who commented on the project suggested that I use RC (Radio Controlled) car parts (shocks) to dampen the vibration. I'm looking into that for the update to the project, so that and the training trip is going to delay the posting of the project by a couple of weeks at least.

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