Made it home ahead of the weather

I made it home ahead of the "Blizzard". I was scheduled to go from San Diego to Milwaukee (via Kansas City), but Midwest Airlines canceled their Kansas City to Milwaukee flight, fearing that the weather was deteriorating ahead of the scheduled 8:00PM arrival. I was transfered to Frontier Airlines while still in San Diego. This was very last minute, i.e., as they made the announcement to report to the alternate gate, the flight I was being transfered to was already boarding. So now I was on my way home via Denver. The only problem, my luggage didn't make the flight(s)! I'm not sure yet where we got disconnected, but it didn't make it to Milwaukee. The worst part is, the new bike shoes and pedals that I purchased while in San Diego, were packed in that luggage. Hopefully it will show up today. I got one status call already that it wasn't on the morning flight. The other bad part, ~8" of wet heavy snow to dig out from this morning.

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