Updating my Steadicam mount

The steadi-cam mount for my bike has gone through several modifications since I first documented it in my Instructable's project. The Intro step of the project shows version 1.0, then step 10 shows the 2.0 version and there are hints (drawing in step 10) of how it would finally evolve over the summer. Here's the current version, with a tripod mount on the end of the arm, with it I can mount the DV camera in any position, (360 degree horizontal view, and about 180 degrees along the vertical axis). This photo show a view of the camera end of the arm (the tripod mount, counter weight, hinges and dampeners).

For regular use, I covered the mechanism with an old arm warmer, as seen in the second photo.

I used the camera mount over the summer to tape several rides and and then transferred them to DVD. In the winter months I've been using the DVDs as motivation while I ride inside on my trainer.


Anonymous said...

I would love to know more about this design, so I can video my own rides. Do you have any sketchs and/or example video you could share?? THanks.


Doug Curtis said...

The best I can offer is what's on the Instructables site that I reference in this posting. A new project is in the works right now to update it with the current design, that should be posted in about 1-2 weeks. Thanks for the interest.