Counterfeit PicooZ Mini Helicopters!

SilverLit Electronics, the manufacturer and distributor of the PicooZ mini helicopter has a warning on their website about counterfeiting of their product. They also have a list of the counterfeit copter names, such as;
1) Pocket
2) Rider
3) Little Bee
5) Small Butterfly
6) Small Butterfly Miniature Copter
...to name a few.

They also have a page where they list some the authorized product packaging from different countries.

On a side note, there's also some confusion as to the name of the REAL product, I've seen is as; Pico Z (which is on the Silverlit counterfeit list) or Picco Z, in various postings and websites. There's also a US version the goes by the name of "Havoc Heli" by Air Hogs. Accept no substitutes, get the original PicooZ :)

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