The RFID me Sun Ray

I was going through some old digital photos, doing some fall cleaning, and found this. So what the heck is it?

It was one of those crazy ideas, while I was still at SUN. One thing that had bugged me (and I'm sure others) about the Sun Rays was that you had to insert you ID badge into the Sun Ray to login and stay logged in. As such, if you forget your badge, in the Sun Ray, you could lock yourself out of your office area while going to lunch or the bathroom.

The picture is of a mockup for a RFID enabled JavaCard. The idea being, you insert these into the Sun Rays and then all you have to do to login is pass your badge near the RFID Javacard in the Sun Ray. You would stay logged in until the system was idle or until you logout.

Tuesday and Thursday Rides: These are now limited (since the change to Standard Time) to my Cycleops trainer with my bike.

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