James Bond and Happy Feet

This has been a big movie weekend already and it's only Saturday evening. On Friday my wife, son and I went to see the latest James Bond movie "Casino Royale". In the realm of Bond movies I thought this one was very good. I went into it without reading or seeing much about it. This seemed to be a prequel, treating the new Bond (and the actor that played him) as the latest addition to the 007 ranks. I suspect that this might act as an spring-board to re-make some of the previous Bond films with a new Bond, an updated perspective and updated effects, of course. One spoiler, although they never mention the name, I'm sure that the "organization" mentioned during the movie will turn out to be "SPECTRE", but how they will update that is going to be interesting, but we'll see how well this latest film does at the box office.

Happy Feet was very entertaining, it was sort of a "talking penguins" version of the "March of the Penguins", but it was much more than that and had humor for the whole family.

Two very different movies, but I liked both of them.


Reel Fanatic said...

I definitely agree with you on "Casino Royale" .. I'm so glad Mr. Craig just hit this one out of the park, and I hope he's now taking some well-deserved time to gloat to all the people who doubted him

Yogi said...

off-key review here:

Doug Curtis said...

Thanks for the comments and the links to the blog (reel fanatic) and the website (yogi).