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I found this site routeslip.com, while search for a site that could create cue sheets from route information. You can check out some of the routes I've entered by going to the site and clicking on Discovering routes -> US -> Wisconsin -> Waukesha (mine are listed under dscurtis).

The site has become very popular, so much so that the its creator is having to rehost the site and is looking at an almost 4000% increase in costs, so needless to say he's looking for sponsors. I'm not affiliated with routeslip in any way, but it's such a great site, I'd hate to see it disappear, just as I'm getting that hang of it. Hopefully someone else sees the value and steps up.


  • Creates Elevation Profiles based on the route (see an example in my previous postings)
  • Route slips (cue sheets)
  • Total Distance
  • Total climbing
  • GPX Importing
  • Training log linked to routes
I like the interface, which allows you to have as many or as few "cues" in the cue sheet as you want, ie: you can have labeled or unlabeled map points and only the labeled points become part of the cue sheet (the rest are use to smooth out the routes, follow curves, etc).

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Lars said...

Bikely (http://www.bikely.com/) provides similar features and I find Bikely's interface to be much nicer. Automatic routeslip generation, GPX and KML import/export, elevation profiles, etc.