CEC 2006

This will be the first CEC that I've missed, I had attended all of them (while I was at Sun) since 1994. I either attended them as a participant, presenter or assisted at the last few Installfests. Oh, wait there was that year that they didn't have it, but even then I contributed a presentation / audio cast that was used as part of a Virtual CEC. I would always bring back something of value, to help customers; troubleshooting tips, new product info and contacts. People from all over the world attend the CEC, and it might be the only chance you would get to meet someone, who helped you with a problem, in person.

I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary at Laurus Technologies. It's taken a little getting used to, moving from the service side of things to sales, but so far, so good. Plus we have 7 Ex-Sun people at Laurus now (counting two that were added in just the past week or so), so it seems like old home week sometimes.

Thursday Ride: I opt'ed out tonight, it looked like rain and I took the family out for pizza. The weekend club rides should be fun, if the weather clears up.

I was even "dugg" a few weeks ago with my posting about the concept for a 6th Gen iPod.

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